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Doctors aren’t perfect…

Doctors aren’t perfect…

As with all emotional health illnesses there was no lack of advice from friends and family. Lots of loving and well-meaning people who only wanted for me to feel well again were full of helpful information and tips. One particular friend, who had a relative who’d been greatly helped by a local doctor, suggested that I might benefit from seeing him too.

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Walk or Don’t Walk

Living with depression and anxiety – Walk or Don’t Walk

We’ve all said things that we’d take back if we could. My life is littered with things I probably should never have said even to myself…

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Living with Depression & Anxiety – The only safe place…

When you’re living with depression and anxiety even the small stuff seems big.

Most people who do life with me know I’m continually searching for my glasses when I need to read something any smaller than a freeway exit sign.  In fact my glasses are so necessary for reading and doing other things like tweezering my “old lady” hairs from my chin, that I have 6 pairs all with the same prescription and frame.   They’re randomly scattered throughout the house so that no matter where I am, I can read something if I need to and look the same whilst doing it!

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Is freedom really just another word…?

Is freedom really just another word…?

When you live with depression and anxiety forgiveness can be a tough pill to swallow.

If you’ve ever been the victim of a crime or other traumatic event (even of your own making) it’s easy to fall in to the self-pity trap.  The feeling that your objectionable behaviour is somehow made acceptable because of your suffering.

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Living with Depression & Anxiety – Finding Meaning?

Living with Depression & Anxiety – Finding Meaning?

Living with depression & anxiety - finding meaning

Living with depression & anxiety – finding meaning

When you live with depression and anxiety it can be easy to think religion is just another crutch.

For all intents and purposes ‘religion’ has one of the most tarnished of all multinational brands.  With obvious exceptions among the environmentally challenged such as Exxon and BP, ‘religion’ is responsible for some of the world’s most infamous armed conflict, genocide and human abuse.

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