Walk or Don’t Walk

Living with depression and anxiety – Walk or Don’t Walk

We’ve all said things that we’d take back if we could. My life is littered with things I probably should never have said even to myself…

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Surviving Trauma

Surviving Trauma

When you live with Post Traumatic Distress Disorder situations need to come with a reaction meter.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as the name suggests, is a condition that occurs in response to a Traumatic and Stressful event. Most commonly it’s diagnosed in soldiers returning from a war zone and victims of sexual assault. This makes it an interesting point of study across the two types of events and their physiological similarities.

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The way we see it…


When you live with depression & anxiety it’s hard to find the real you.

Amid the multitude of drugs available for treating dysfunctional emotional health symptoms, there doesn’t seem to be anything that leaves us emotionally “in tact”. The feeling that we are somehow disconnected from our “true” self can have us believing the treatment is worse than the illness.

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Sink, Swim or Spill – Living with Depression and Anxiety

Diary of Secrets

Sink, Swim or Spill – Living with Depression and Anxiety

Sink, swim or spill - Living with depression and anxiety Sink, swim or spill – Living with depression and anxiety

If you’ve ever felt sad in your life then you’ll understand what it’s like to feel umm…  sad.  That’s because the body’s reaction to the “sad stimulus event” is to generate a flood of “reaction” chemicals.  It’s these chemicals that elicit a specific reaction that should in fact, help you survive.

When you’re living with depression and anxiety

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Living with Depression & Anxiety – What choice do I have?

What choice do I have?

What a lot of people don’t realise while they’re doing life with depression is that it’s power is defined by negative absolutes.  Bad stuff happens therefore I must be bad.  I made a mistake therefore I must be useless.  I was wrong therefore I must be incompetent.

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