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Doctors aren’t perfect…

Doctors aren’t perfect…

As with all emotional health illnesses there was no lack of advice from friends and family. Lots of loving and well-meaning people who only wanted for me to feel well again were full of helpful information and tips. One particular friend, who had a relative who’d been greatly helped by a local doctor, suggested that I might benefit from seeing him too.

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Take me to the volcano

Take me to the volcano.

Take me to the volcano…

Take me to the volcano

Everything I needed to know I learned from watching television.

Last time I touched on the concept of flashbacks. The point being that flashbacks are nothing like what we’re shown on TV. They do not automatically transport us back into the circumstances or memories of our trauma. They generate an emotional and sensory collage that stimulates the ‘feelings’ associated with the trauma, making some or all, everyday experiences almost impossible to endure.

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Things not to say…

Things not to say…

Flash backs, like all memory related recollections don’t play like a clip from your favourite movie. They are a collage of sensory perceptions and emotional destabilisation laid across an everyday experience.

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Walk or Don’t Walk

Living with depression and anxiety – Walk or Don’t Walk

We’ve all said things that we’d take back if we could. My life is littered with things I probably should never have said even to myself…

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